Amanda's Testimonial: David was recommended to me by a friend who had found his approach inspirational and helpful in turning her business around.
I had been speaking to her about wanting to work with someone who could mentor me whilst respecting my need to honour what I describe as a more
'feminine' approach to my work.

As a creative I desperately needed guidance in structure yet also needed to feel understood by the person guiding me. David's style is an integration of
structure and creativity. I found the practices David supported me in developing greatly enhanced my time management and therefore productivity, without
cramping my flowing style. Having an accountability practice really helps me to keep on track when shiny glittery things attempt to distract me, yet David's
kindness in responses also prevents any overwhelm I might feel by getting overly task orientated.

And I love using the 'capture' techniques to optimise on inspirations, catching them as they arise instead of letting them float off into the ethers. I could write
a chapter on how effective and awesome David's methods are, but you will only discover this as a fact by having the experience yourself. I will say though that
for me balance is the key, and David is a master of balance.